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Optimizing space in telecommunication rooms

Is your cabinet busy with patch cords and you can’t see your switches?

Optimize the space in your telecommunication rooms and data centre with space-saving 28 AWG and 26 AWG patch cords from Panduit.

The small size Patch Cables means patching is easier to manage, high-density patching is more feasible, and valuable rack space can be dedicated to equipment, rather than cable management.

Panduit has a wide variety of reduced diameter patch cords available, in both 28 AWG and 26 AWG sizes, and Category 6A, Category 6, and Category 5e performance specifications. All offerings meet TIA performance standards at reduced lengths.

A variety of standard colours and lengths provide design flexibility, supporting high density patch fields in data centres and telecom rooms. The dual-rated CM/LSZH jacket meets global patch cord flammability requirements, suitable for installations worldwide.

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