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IT Environmental Monitoring

IT Environmental MonitoringAs an IT Professional you’re the first to understand the pressures associated with IT environmental monitoring and system availability. When everything is functioning properly, you’re doing your job. When they go awry, well, let’s just say you’re the first in line to hear about it.

In today’s IT-centric climate, planning for the unexpected is a monumental task. It is tough enough protecting assets in the data centre.

Your challenges are compounded when you consider that a fast-growing percentage of the IT assets you manage are in less than desirable environments.

  • There are more systems performing mission-critical tasks than ever before
  • These systems are being deployed in sub-optimal environments without the proper environmental infrastructure to support them
  • Equipment density in these locations is increasing exponentially, producing more stress on ventilation and power
  • These systems are often unattended or managed by non-IT professionals

Let ICS demonstrate the different ways and numerous solutions available to assist you with your IT environmental monitoring.


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